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“There is no other word that defines the American better than freedom. Our youth need to be immersed in its meaning so that they too can pass it on to future generations.” Rudolph B. Davila, US Army

“It is America’s youth on which the future of our great nation depends. We should encourage them to take full advantage of every opportunity to become productive citizens through character building, education, and training.” Charles P. “Chuck” Murray Jr., US Army

“We enjoy today because of those who came before. We will leave the country better than we found it for those who come tomorrow.” Robert E. Bush, US Navy

“The destiny of our great country lies in the hands of our youth, the future leaders of America.” Harvey C. “Barney” Barnum Jr. US Marine Corps

“To be an American comes with many rights, privileges and responsibilities. It is our duty to honor, defend and preserve them for future generations.” Richard A. Pittman, US Marine Corps

“My generation, just like the ones before it, kept the dream of our founding fathers alive and started the march toward freedom worldwide. It is now for the next generation to continue that long march to peace and freedom for all. God bless those who serve.” Gordon R. Roberts, US Army

“To our youth, don’t give in to peer pressure. If it’s wrong, say so. Your peers will respect you for it and you will be my hero.” Gary L. Littrell, US Army

Connecting Character to Success in Life

“Every day has its test, and every time we fail to do what we know is right, we weaken out character and the character of this great nation.” Robert J. Modfrzejewski, US Marine Corps

“The Medal of Honor is proof that ordinary men and women have within them the potential to challenge fate and literally change the course of history. It only required the courage to try.” Paul W. Bucha, US Army

“My life experiences have taught me that you don’t lose until you quit trying.” Sammy L. Davis, US Army

“Courage is knowing when to go. Judgment is knowing when not to go. The mix of the two is leadership.” Bruce P. Crandall, US Army

“As a six-year prisoner of war, I learned that freedom is our most important commodity. We keep it through personal responsibility. Freedom is the flip side of responsibility.” Leo K. Thorsness, US Air Force

“Moral courage – doing what has to be done because it is the right thing to do – is the mark of a true hero.” Thomas G. Kelly, US Navy

“True heroism is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice.” Peter C. Lemon, US Army

Selfless Valor and the Sacrifice of Others

“I wear this medal for all those with whom I served who gave their lives or were never recognized for their courage.” David B. Bleak, US Army

“Patriotism, courage, and our flag bring men and women to the defense of their country – in combat, acts of valor come from aiding and defending our comrades.” William R. Charette, US Navy

“Life, liberty, and the pursit of happiness come with a very high price – the lives of millions of Americans who gallantly fought for those cherished values.” John F. Baker Jr., US Army

”I’m in awe of our Nation’s heroes and seek to understand where they found their courage in battle. These brave souls, many unknown and unrecognized, stand proudly in the shadow of the Medal of Honor.” James M. Sprayberry, US Army


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