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The Medal of Honor plaque at the Court of Honor on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds “honors those individuals, associated with the State of Minnesota, whose brave actions are deserving of this highest award.” The Congressional Medal of Honor Society, credits Medal of Honor recipients to the state of Minnesota based on the following criteria:

  • Recipients born in Minnesota
  • Recipients enlisted into service in Minnesota
  • Surviving recipients who died in Minnesota
  • Recipients who are buried in Minnesota

Note: The following list of 72 recipient names is in alphabetical last name order.

The biographies were compiled by members of the Minnesota Daughters of the American Revolution during the past several months in anticipation of the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial groundbreaking ceremony scheduled for October 3, 2016.

Albee, George Emerson – Biography

Allen, James – Biography

Barrick, Jesse T. – Biography

Bell, Harry – Biography

Bianchi, Willibald Charles – Biography

Blanchfield, Michael Reinert – Biography

Boehler, Otto A. – Biography

Burger, Joseph – Biography

Burkard, Oscar R. – Biography

Byrne, Denis – Biography

Campbell, James A. – Biography

Catlin, Albertus Wright –  Biography

Chandler, Stephen Edwin – Biography

Cilley, Clinton Albert –  Biography

Clark, William A. – Biography

Colalillo, Michael – Biography

Courtney, Henry Alexius Jr. – Biography

Cukela, Louis – Biography

Davis, Charles P. – Biography

Davis, Raymond Erwin – Biography

Dyer, Jesse Farley – Biography

Flannigan, James – Biography

Fleming, Richard Eugene – Biography

Frantz, Joseph – Biography

Gere, Thomas Parke – Biography

Grant, Lewis Addison – Biography

Hanna, Milton – Biography

Hauge, Louis James Jr. – Biography

Hawks, Lloyd C. – Biography

Hawthorne, Harry Leroy – Biography

Holmes, Lovilo N.- Biography

Huggins, Eli Lunay – Biography

Kelley, Andrew John – Biography

Kraus, Richard Edward – Biography

LaBelle, James Dennis – Biography

Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Jr. – Biography

Mallon, George H. – Biography

May, William C. – Biography

McCornack, Andrew – Biography

McKay, Charles W. – Biography

McMillian, Albert Walter – Biography

Merritt, John G.- Biography

Montrose, Charles H. – Biography

Morgan, George Horace – Biography

Nelson, Oscar Fredrick – Biography

O’Brien, Henry D. – Biography

Olson, Arlo Laverne – Biography

Olson, Kenneth Lee – Biography

Page, John Upshur Dennis – Biography

Pay, Byron E. – Biography

Phillips, Samuel D. – Biography

Pickle, Alonzo H. – Biography

Pruden, Robert Joseph – Biography

Rabel, Laszlo – Biography

Reed, Alex Hayford – Biography

Robinson, Thomas – Biography

Rud, George William – Biography

Rudolph SR, Donald Eugene – Biography

Schmidt, William – Biography

Shepard, Irwin – Biography

Sherman, Marshall – Biography

Sorenson, Richard Keith – Biography

Taylor, Wilbur Nelson – Biography

Thorsness, Leo Keith – Biography

Vale, John – Biography

Van Valkenburgh, Franklin – Biography

Vlug, Dirk John Cornelius – Biography

Wayrynen, Dale – Biography

Welch, Charles H. – Biography

Wilson, William Othello – Biography

Wold, Nels T. – Biography

Wright, Samuel – Biography


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